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About Us
The Order of Alhambra is an international organization that has been serving local communities for over 110 years. The primary purpose of the order's charitable endeavors is to assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families. 


Join Us
The St. Louis chapter was founded on the desire to fit charity into already busy schedules. Charity is central to the Gospels and should be part of our lives. We hope you can join us. 
The St. Louis Chapter, El Camino #270, is primarily younger families. Children are typically welcome at meetings and activities. We encourage sociability, family, and jovial hospitality. 

March 29, 2020: Founding Day Mass & Breakfast

May 30, 2020: Special Needs Night @ Gateway Grizzlies Game

Donation Tracker


$2,850- St. Louis Arc

$1,650- Promise Christian Academy

$1,100- Special Olympics Missouri

$1,650- Knights of Columbus Lost & Found Fund

$1,560- L'Arche St. Louis

$200- T.A.S.K.

$100- Special Education Foundation

$100- Cardinal Ritter Senior Services

$200- Rainbow Village

$100- Long PTO (Playground)

$200- Independence Center

$400- Sunnyhill


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