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About Us


The Order of Alhambra is an international organization of men and women dedicated to assisting persons with developmental disabilities. The St. Louis chapter is primarily younger families that are being pulled in several directions (children, work, school, hobbies, sports), but still have a desire to give back to the community. So that membership is an opportunity to be social versus another obligation, meetings are only held quarterly. Typically, children are welcome at our meetings and events. The St. Louis chapter is very accepting and has a fun time doing great work. We volunteer our time and make monetary donations to various organizations throughout the St. Louis area.




























                                                                                   Founder, William Harper Bennett


Order of Alhambra was founded by William Harper Bennett on 29 February 1904 in Brooklyn, New York. It was named after the Alhambra, a Moorish palace in Grenada, Spain; where the Moors, after occupying Spain for almost 800 years, surrendered in 1492. Members are grouped in chapters designated “Caravans,” with a name of Moorish origin. The St. Louis caravan is named El Camino (Spanish for “The Way”). It is through the Caravan that most of the funds are collected and charitable work performed, inspired by the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, patron Saint of our Order, which tells us that “it is in giving that we receive.”













How do annual dues help?


The annual dues support local charitable efforts in several ways:

  • Donations to various local organizations supporting those with developmental disabilities

  • Scholarships to students studying special education

  • Housing for citizens with disabilities

  • Funding for OofA events that interact directly with citizens with special needs

  • Sponsorships for disabled children to attend summer camps

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